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Ingredient Information

Egg Whites

Egg whites are used to add volume to a dish or to help it hold together. When whisking, the proteins in the egg whites bond with each other and form chains that trap air. It is the continued whisking and adding of air that allows the whites to form stiff peaks.

Whisk your egg whites slowly at first. Because of the way the protein is linked, whisking too quickly will incorporate too much air early and the whipped egg whites will have a grainy texture. These will often break down easily and become watery.

For ideal egg whites, whisk slowly at first and increase the speed as you go. Use a softer whisking motion with a slight scooping action at first. This pulls in less air.. As the whites stiffen, increase the speed and lift the whites higher off of the bottom of the bowl.

When using a mixer (which I usually do for meringues) start on a slow setting and increase the speed gradually.

When a recipe calls for whipped egg whites, separating the whites must be done carefully as you don't want to get anything in them. If there is the least little bit of egg yolk in them they will not form stiff peaks. It is also very important that the bowl be clean and dry or the egg whites will not stiffen. (See also Copper Bowl.)