Great ingredients make for great meals. Whenever you can, use the highest quality supplies for your recipes. The flavor difference will always come through in your finished dish.

If there is an ingredient that you are not familiar with, check our Ingredient section. There are pages and pages of information about the ingredients used in my recipes.


Ingredient Information


Cloves are those small stick looking things that your mom stuck in the ham at holidays. I have both whole cloves and ground cloves in my cupboard and I use them about equally. If I have the time I grind them fresh using a mortar and pestle but I also use whole cloves when I am combining other spices in the blender for rubs or marinades (see Wet Rub Chicken).

Ground cloves, like whole, are pretty powerful so a little goes a long way. If you are trying to create your own recipe go easy at first. Too much ground clove will make a recipe bitter.