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Dr. Tim Says....

5 Tips for Healthier Holiday Dining
It's holiday time, and that means food. I believe that you should splurge on holidays, but at the same time it's just as easy to not overdo it as it is to eat everything in your path. One of the toughest places for people to stick to healthy eating habits is parties.

Proof that You Can Eat Less, Eat Fewer Calories, and Still Be Satisfied
There are two ways to eat fewer calories. One is to eat smaller portions and the other to reduce the amount of calories in a particular dish. With Dr. Gourmet recipes I work at both of these approaches....

Portion Size
I've written about this many times but there's no doubt that portion size is key to eating healthy. In the last few decades it has become a major issue with portions in restaurants increasing dramatically. 40 years ago a 32 ounce milk shake with 1,160 calories would have been unusual.

What to Put on Your Dinner Plate
When I was growing up we had the typical diner special of "a meat and two veg." This isn't too far from what makes sense for a healthy dinner. We know that combining protein with carbs helps with feeling satisfied for longer after a meal. One issue is, however, what to actually put on your plate.


Happy Thanksgiving!

Turkey DInnerDays like Thanksgiving and Christmas and your birthday are the ones when you're not supposed to "behave." There's a time and a place to splurge, and these are those times.

Eating healthy is not about keeping yourself from enjoying life. It is about embracing food, eating thoughtfully, and choosing things that taste good and are good for you. To single out "behaving" on a few days a year is not the best way to eat healthy. Holidays are times to enjoy yourself and be with family and friends.

Happy Holidays from all of us at Dr. Gourmet!

Thanksgiving Day Menu
and Shopping List

This shopping list is based on 8 persons (with leftovers of Cornbread Dressing and Pumpkin Tarts). You will need to double the Mashed Yams, Mashed Potatoes, Cornbread Dressing and Pumpkin Tarts, and multiply the vegetable recipes by 4. The shopping list includes everything you need and is already multiplied for you. Enjoy!

Main Course

Maple Sage Turkey Breast


Mashed Yams or Plain Mashed Potatoes or Cornbread Dressing


Candied Carrots or Roasted Acorn Squash or Pan Grilled Broccoli

...and for Dessert:

Pumpkin Tarts

Download Shopping List (PDF)
Note: Shopping list designed to serve 8.