About The Health of It All....

This is an index of the health notes included in recipes. These short tidbits of information can help answer questions on everything from Omega-3 Fats in fish to whether to cook chicken with the skin on or not. Want to know about garlic and cholesterol? Is it okay to eat eggs or not? It's all here.


The Health of It All


Being successful at anything requires planning. Planting a garden, adding on to your house, running General Electric—all require making a plan and following it. This is true of being healthy as well but most of us don’t make any plans and end up eating on the fly.

Make your food and your health a priority in your life.

Plan time to go to the grocery and you are automatically ahead of the game. It takes less time to shop for sandwich makings to take for lunch than going to McDonald’s. Making the actual sandwich takes all of 4 minutes in the morning.

Before you go to the grocery store, think about dinner for the next few days. If you have an idea of what you are going to eat tomorrow and the next night while you are at the market, then you can buy the ingredients. Keep weekday recipes simple, make more than you need (I take leftovers for lunch at least twice a week), and, if you need to, turn to your back up strategy (didn’t know you had a back up plan did you?).

Part of successful planning is having a backup strategy. One good backup plan is having a pantry with foods and ingredients that allow you to easily create a great meal. Having good quality pasta and pasta sauce is a good example. Tomato sauce is good for you and usually low in fat and calories. A little Parmigiano-Reggiano grated over the top and you have a lovely dish. The sidebar on Pantry Items has items that I keep around the house so that I can always cook a quick, easy meal that is delicious instead of stopping at the pizza joint. Read More "The Health of It All..." Articles