Exercise How To:

Push Ups: Body Weight Only


Muscles Worked: Pectorals, triceps, biceps, shoulders.

Starting Position: Lay flat on the ground with your stomach flat on the floor mat or carpeted area. Bend your elbows and place your hands palm down on the floor beside your chest. Place your feet about an inch apart. Extend your elbows and hold yourself up on your toes. Make sure your back is in line with your lower legs. Stay as straight as possible.

Action: First, lay on your stomach. Put your feet about two to three inches apart. Place your hands palm down to the side of your chest. Take care not to put your hands too high near your shoulder or too low near your lower chest or abdomen. Your head should be in the most comfortable position for you. If you want to look up and straight ahead, go for it. If you want to look down to the ground, that's fine as well.

Now fully extend your arms to push yourself up into the air. While pushing up, your back should be straight, and you should be on your toes.

Return to the starting position, but do not let any part of your chest or stomach touch the ground.

Perform as many as you can, with a goal of 15 to 25. Perform two to three sets.

Muscles Worked

Pectoral MusclesTricep MusclesBicep MusclesShoulder Muscles

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Tips for Push Ups: Body Weight Only:

  1. Tighten your abdominal and back muscles throughout the exercise to keep your back straight.

  2. Don't stress if your back isn't as straight as a wood plank. Do your best.

  3. Placing your hands closer together will isolate your triceps muscles.

  4. Placing your hands farther apart will isolate your pectorals, or chest muscles. Try these different positions and become comfortable with the different techniques.