Exercise How To:

Shoulder Circles with Dumbbells


Muscles Worked: Shoulders, trapezius, pectorals, core muscles.

Starting Position: Stand with your feet shoulder width apart. Hold the dumbbells to your side with your palms facing your legs.

1st Action: Keep your arms straight and lift the dumbbells to the side of your body. Stop once your reach your shoulder level.

Hold the dumbbells at shoulder level and bring the dumbbells together in front of you. Stop once the dumbbells are about shoulder width apart.

Lower the dumbbells to the front of your waist or thighs. Your palms should be facing you.

2nd Action: Keep the dumbbells shoulder width apart and lift the dumbbells directly up in front of you. Stop once the dumbbells are at shoulder level. Swing the dumbbells with your arms straight and at shoulder level to the side of your shoulders.

Lower the dumbbells back to your side.

Muscles Worked

BicepsAbdominalsTrapezius MusclesPectoral MusclesAbdominal Muscles

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Tips for Shoulder Circles with Dumbbells:

Up to the side, to the front and down is one repetition. Up the front, to the side and down counts as the second repetition.

Keep your abdominal muscles tight throughout the exercise for stability.

Maintain a regular breathing pattern throughout this exercise.

Do your best to keep the dumbbells at shoulder level when moving them from the side to the front or from the front to the side.