Beginner's Workout

Warmup: Jog in Place


Every exercise routine must have a blueprint. It doesn't matter if this is your first time ever exercising or if you have been exercising for many years, there should be a plan to your workout. Not only will this make your work out more effective and efficient, it will motivate you to continue performing it because you know that you're working towards a specific goal.

This beginner's workout utilizes resistance bands so that you can jump into exercise with a small financial investment, plus resistance bands can be used practically anywhere. In addition to choosing practical equipment when beginning an exercise program, you must also begin with exercises that are not too difficult so that you reduce your risk of injury. You also do not want to start out with exercises that are too challenging because it may turn you away from exercise in general.

When designing a workout you must be sure to choose exercises that target the entire body, especially for beginners. We will start with a warm up exercise, then we will move to exercises that will work different parts of your upper and lower body.

Warm Up: Jog in Place

First you're going to want to Jog in Place to warm up.

Jogging in place is the easiest, most effective way to get your heartbeat up, and get your body ready for exercise. Jogging in place is simple. Start by standing comfortably.

Next, bend your elbows about 90 degrees and hold them comfortably.

Then, start running in place, making sure that you're staying in the same spot and running with your mid-foot striking the ground first. Make sure that your face is comfortably relaxed.

Run at a moderate pace for about three to five minutes - to the point where you feel your heart beating fast and you start breaking a sweat. Once you have increased your heart rate, slow down your pace to a stop over about a 20 second period and then begin with your resistance exercise regimen.

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Tips for Jogging in Place

1. Maintain a regular breathing pattern.

2. Your body is warm when you begin sweating and your heart rate has notably increased.

3. Try to jog in place to music and run with a beat so that you maintain a consistent pace.