Advanced Workout

Back and Forth Lunge with Dumbbells


At this point in the workout we do not want to neglect the lower body, so we are going to perform an exercise that will challenge it.

Although I do not necessarily enjoy lunges because they're quite difficult, I do enjoy performing the Back and Forth Lunge because balance is required to do this exercise correctly. So with that being said, let's go ahead and begin the Back and Forth Lunge with Dumbbells.

For this exercise you will need a pair of dumbbells; however, if this is your first time I would suggest doing the Back and Forth Lunge without dumbbells until you feel comfortable with the balance requirements of this exercise.

Start standing with your feet shoulder width apart.

Pick your left leg up and perform a lunge as taught in earlier, less advanced workouts.

Push yourself up from the lunge and return back to the starting position.

Now take the same foot, the left foot, and perform a backwards lunge, in which you are picking up your foot and lunging it behind you so that your toes on the left foot are the only ones touching the ground.

At the end of your backwards lunge, your front leg, or your right leg, should be bent about 90 degrees with your knee over your ankle.

Return back to the starting position.

Perform eight to twelve repetitions of the Back and Forth Lunge on the left side; then, perform eight to twelve repetitions on the right side.

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Tips for Back and Forth Lunge with Dumbbells

1. When beginning this exercise your legs may feel a bit shaky and you may feel a bit unbalanced. That is completely normal when first beginning this exercise. Over time your legs will strengthen and your coordination will improve so you will no longer shake or lose balance when performing this exercise. With that being said, make sure that you are near a bench or couch or a table that can provide you with support so that you don't fall when first performing this exercise.

2. Perform 8-12 repetitions on the left side, then 8-12 repetitions on the right side.