Exercises to Work the Core (Abdominal) Muscles

Working the "core" is probably something that you've heard on TV, in the office, or in some area of the fitness world. Basically, core strength involves strengthening your abdominal muscles, your back muscles and your hip muscles.

Core strength is important because core stabilization is required to perform many exercises, including many of the ones in this routine. Strong core muscles can also help reduce or prevent back pain.

Abdominal Exercises Using Barbells

Curl and Delts with a Barbell
Two Arm Curls with a Barbell

Abdominal Exercises Using Dumbbells

One Arm Curls with Dumbbells
Two Arm Curls with Dumbbells
Back and Forth Lunges with Dumbbells
Curl and Delts with Dumbbells
Front Shoulder Raise with Dumbbells
Lunge Curls with Dumbbells
Shoulder Circles with Dumbbells
Lunges with Dumbbells
Triceps Kickbacks with a Dumbbell

Abdominal Exercises Using Resistance Bands

One Arm Curls with a Resistance Band
Two Arm Curl with a Resistance Band
Front Shoulder Raise with a Resistance Band
Lunges with a Resistance Band
Static Lunges with a Resistance Band
Wood Chop with a Resistance Band

Abdominal Exercises Using No Equipment

Ab Twist
Back and Forth Lunges
Flutter Kicks
Jog in Place
Modified Pushup
Pilates Crunch
Pilates Crunch with 45-Degree Hold
Wall Sits



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