The Garlic Roaster

I couldn't live without this utensil. The best ones are made of clayand have a glazed dish so that the oil won't absorb into the clay. They're cheap: ten or fifteen dollars at most and they also come in single bulb sizes. the one I use allows me to roast about four heads at once. Roasted garlic keeps about a week if you put it in a tightly sealed glass container or a zipper bag.

If you don't want to spring for a roaster, using a sauce pan that has a thick bottom will work fine. I reduce the heat in the oven by about 25°, depending on the thickness of the pan.

Dr. Gourmet Recommends:

These are widely available and here is a 7 inch version that is perfect.

Dr. Gourmet Recommends:

This 5 inch roaster is great for that single bulb of garlic and for kitchens with limited storage space.