Double Boiler

I don't actually own a double boiler. I use one when I am on television all the time, but at home I have a 6 quart sauce pan that I put about 2 inches of water into. I heat this over a burner on medium-high heat. Depending on how much I am cooking I use a 2.5 or 4 liter Pyrex mixing bowl set on top of the boiling pot of water. This is nice because I have one less pot or bowl to clean but I can also see through the glass into the pan to keep an eye on the boiling water.

Dr. Gourmet Recommends:

This double boiler insert works with the 2 quart Calphalon sauce pan.

There are similar inserts that work with pans by other manufacturers like All Clad or Cuisinart and you should look for one that will fit yours.

Make sure that the insert is stainless steel so that when you make a sauce there's no chance of the pan reacting with the ingredients in your recipe.