Bread machines

No promises, but my pizza dough recipe works great in my bread maker. I have an Oster but the brand shouldn’t matter. The water goes in first and then the flour. Make a small indent in the top of the flour and place the yeast, sugar and salt together in the hole.

Check your bread maker instructions, but for a lot of machines there is a setting for "Pasta" or "Dough." (Mine says "Pasta/Dough.")

I set this and walk away. Ninety minutes later, presto, pizza dough.

Dr. Gourmet Recommends:

I have had this Oster for some time.

I researched many bread makers and chose this one based on the baking pan which will make a standard loaf. Some of the breadmakers make a "tall loaf" and I didn't like the way these worked.

The price is right and the setting for pizza dough works well. It is nice to add the ingredients and come back 90 minutes later and have finished pizza dough.