Just Tell Me What to Eat!

The Delicious 6-Week Weight Loss Plan for the Real World

Just Tell Me What to Eat!

Timothy S. Harlan, MD, FACP has counseled thousands of his patients on healthy, sustainable weight loss. Now he's compiled his best tips and recipes into a six-week plan for you to learn how to eat great food that just happens to be great for you - and if losing weight is your goal, you can do that, too.

Get the prescription for better health as well as healthy weight loss, including:

  • What to eat
  • How to cook it
  • When to eat it
  • What to eat at a restaurant
  • What to eat if you're in a hurry
  • and best of all....
  • Why eating great food is the best health decision you'll ever make.

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Elaine's Blog:
Following the Just Tell Me What to Eat! Plan

Slowing down

Dr. Tim said something the other day which gave me some perspective about changing how and what Don and I eat. He explained that his book has helped me RETURN TO the kitchen (true). Other readers may never have been comfortable cooking in the first place, so adding an additional step to a recipe, like an instruction to make your own chicken stock, is daunting and may create an un-necessary barrier to food preparation.

I think that to really embrace a Mediterranean-style diet, one needs to slow down the pace of life away from work and embrace health. I think that to eat healthy, one needs to prioritize spending money at the grocery store—for ingredients, not prepared food and find satisfaction in preparing meals and eating at home: NOT eating out.

This means that you’ll be spending more time at home on week nights and less time somewhere else, like driving children somewhere, going to a club to hear some music, going to a performance, or shopping for something you probably don’t really need. I list these things because those are the activities in which many of our friends are involved. I read in a magazine I receive that 95% of their readers eat out up to 10 times weekly for leisure. TEN TIMES WEEKLY! How on earth do they maintain a healthy weight? They must be working out ten times weekly also. We could not afford to eat out that much even if we wanted to. More importantly, we’d rather be at home!

So I’ve been thinking about how I spend my time this week, which got me thinking about my motivation to read the book, make shopping lists, and prepare dinner. It’s easy because I enjoy cooking and I have arrived at this place in my life with the requisite skills and supplies. All I needed was more information about the Mediterranean diet and new recipes. Blogging about my experiences helps me maintain a fidelity to the new way of eating, and the recipes are so easy to follow that Don prepares the meals many nights. We like our home, our domestic life, and appreciate our health. We enjoy having a glass of wine, our good meal, catching up with each other at the end of the day, and taking a walk after dinner. It’s a slow pace and we both think that the slowness protects our health.