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Dr. Gourmet's Food Reviews


Stonyfield Farms Vanilla Fudge SwirlLast week I reviewed a couple of Stonyfield Farm frozen yogurts. These are pretty fantastic products being both low fat and low calorie and at the same time having an amazing flavor. At the end of the review I waxed poetic about finding their non-fat Vanilla Fudge Swirl.

Well, I did and it's as good or better than the other yogurts reviewed. Rich and creamy with a great chocolaty fudge taste, this yogurt is pretty amazing because it has all that flavor with only 120 calories and no fat. I repeat, NO fat! Amazing stuff.

They call these products frozen "treats" and that's how you should eat them - as a treat every now and then. When you do choose the Stonyfield -- you won't be disappointed.

Don't Eat

Ben & Jerry's Vanilla Caramel FudgeAlongside the Stonyfield Farms yogurts were the ever-present Ben and Jerry's products. In amongst the pints of B & J's ice cream I found a similar product to the Stonyfield yogurt -- Ben and Jerry's Vanilla Caramel Fudge Ice Cream. Surely the decadent Ben and Jerry's would make me feel differently about my newfound yogurt treats.

Hey, I didn't do a blind taste test but you don't need that. These two frozen desserts are so close that you might not be able to tell them apart. The Ben and Jerry's was a little bit creamier. By a little creamier I mean a little bit but so tiny you won't notice.

How much creamier? Not worth the extra 190 calories, that's for sure. That's right. A half cup of the Ben and Jerry's is 280 calories and a whopping 15 grams of fat. And 10 grams of that fat is artery-clogging saturated fat!