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May 22, 2007

This week brings some changes to your mailbox. The Monday Dr. Gourmet Newsletter is much the same with recipes as well as comments and ideas on eating healthy. Tuesdays I am going to give you a quickie "bite" on things that are great and not so great. I call the column "Eat - Don't Eat" and each will feature something I feel you should definitely be eating and another item that you should avoid.

That said, this week is not about something to eat but gadgets. I found both of these while wandering around the grocery store. They were both pretty cheap and offered some promise of making my life a little easier.

Use This

Palm PeelerChef'n Palm Peeler: The Palm Peeler made by the Chefn company is a wonderful gadget. I have not found many peelers that I thought were all that great and for the most part prefer simply using a knife. This little guy makes short work of peeling though and is the best peeler I have come across.

As you can see from the picture it is a piece of contoured plastic with a soft rubber grip that slips around your finger. It is comfortable and really easy to use and at only $4.99, a good bargain, as I have used a lot of peelers that don't work at all that cost two and three times as much. Chef'n Palm Peeler

Don't Use This

Zyliss Julienne Cutter: Normally I love Zyliss products and have a few in my kitchen. They make a fantastic rotary cheese grater, for instance.

Zyliss Julienne CutterI wasn't so sure about their Julienne Cutter, however. Priced at $6.99 this is designed to make julienne strips. It has a peeler blade along with a second blade that is regularly spaced teeth so that when you drag the cutter across a vegetable it is supposed to make thin strips. When I used it all it does is make thin, irregular ribbons. The strips were really far too thin to be of much use and it made odd lengths so it would have been difficult to use this along with a knife for small dice. Not worth the money - buy a second Palm Peeler and stick to cutting julienne strips the old fashioned way.

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