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Are Sai-fun noodles (aka cellophane noodles) a carb or a vegetable?

I have a question about Sai-fun noodles used in Asian cooking. My husband calls them "slimy noodles," but I think they are also called cellophane noodles. Since they are made of mung beans, do they count as a carb or a vegetable?

Dr. Gourmet Says...

Thai summer rolls, with cellophane noodles

Saifun noodles are often called cellophane noodles. They are produced from flour made from mung beans. As such they are considered a carbohydrate. According to the USDA database, a two ounce serving contains 197 calories and most of that comes from the 48 grams of carbs. You'll find them in the database for tracking calories in both the Food Diary and the Recipe Box sections of The Dr. Gourmet Diet Plan on the Dr. Gourmet website.

The noodles are just as your husband describes: slimy. They have little flavor and are used in soups and stir fries because they will easily pick up the flavor of the dish they are part of.

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