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A reader from your website asked about Resveratrol. I purchased Resveratrol plus, but noticed that a lot of the ingredients listed Grape Seed Extract. My question is: Would there be any difference in taking just one supplement of Grape Seed Extract that is much cheaper than Resveratrol? Or is the most effect obtained in the Resveratrol?

Dr. Gourmet Says...

There's absolutely no evidence that taking such supplements are helpful in any way. The more concerning issue is that we don't have any evidence about whether such pills might be harmful. We have only early evidence about this molecule in the lab at this time and there is no practical application yet.

In my opinion the companies who are selling this supplement are unscrupulous and are essentially stealing money from people. If the company offered you a guarantee, ask for your money back. Save your money and spend it on great quality ingredients. That's the key to long term health.

Timothy S. Harlan MD, FACP
Dr. Gourmet