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Nuts and your risk of dying from cancer or heart disease
Over the years we've written Health & Nutrition Bites on nearly a dozen peer-reviewed studies that focus on nuts and their impact on all sorts of conditions, including poor cholesterol scores, cancer, and type 2 diabetes. This doesn't include those articles written about a Mediterranean-style diet, which includes nuts as one of its nine dietary components.

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Does eating nuts cause a high LDL cholesterol score?
Are nuts a good source of vitamins?

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What can I substitute for tree nuts?

I am allergic to nuts. I can eat peanuts but all others cause canker sores, hives etc. Any suggestions for a substitution?

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raw and hulled walnuts

Having a tree nut allergy can be a challenge. While peanuts are legumes, like beans and peas, there is often cross-reaction and people with nut allergies can also have peanut and soy allergy. The issue is that this can be so specific to an individual that it's impossible to give someone with allergies guidelines.

There are seeds that you might be able to tolerate, such as pumpkin seeds.

The best way for you to keep from getting into trouble is to check with a board certified allergist. Here's a link to the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology web site. You can find an allergist close to you.

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