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Is goat, venison or buffalo as bad for you as other red meats?

I understand the latest reports on the problems that may follow a diet high in red meat consumption. I don't eat a lot of beef, but I wonder what goat meat, venison or buffalo are considered to be as far as "red" meats are concerned. Are they good substitutes for beef? No mention of them is made in any of the reports I read.

Dr. Gourmet Says...


For purposes of the research that has been reported on in the news recently, the studies include all types of red meats, including beef and products made from beef or pork such as salami or sausage. There is no specific mention of wild meat consumption in the research, however.

While the meats that you mention will be leaner than such red meats, it's a good idea to consume less of them as well as eating more fish. A good rule of thumb is to have fish or seafood about 3 times a week, red meat once (yes, game such as venison, goat, or buffalo are considered red meat) and the other three days alternate between a vegetarian meal and poultry.

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Timothy S. Harlan, MD, FACP, CCMS
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