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Whole Grains, Bran Fiber and Diabetes
Over the last several years I've written plenty of articles about the positive effects of eating more fiber and whole grains. Eating more fiber can help adolescents reduce their risk of developing diabetes, while eating more fiber can help overweight adults lose more fat in their abdomen - which in and of itself is a risk factor for diabetes.

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Does fruit lose its fiber when I process it in a blender to make a fruit smoothie?
How can I get more fiber in my gluten-free diet?


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How can I further increase the fiber in my diet?

I have regular colonoscopies and each time the doctor says to eat more fiber for my polyp condition and diverticulosis. I do eat a lot of fiber, being a vegetable lover and salad lover. I don't eat much junk or white foods. How can I increase the fiber?

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a variety of legumes

We now know that a high fiber diet can help those with diverticulosis avoid infection. There was a time when it was felt that seeds might also provoke a bout of diverticulitis. This has been disproven, and as part of that research researchers found just how important fiber is.

Higher fiber foods include consuming veggies and greens, as you are doing, but adding beans, whole grains, and fruits is key to a higher fiber diet.

Here's a list of common ingredients in order of the amount of fiber (PDF document) for you to refer to.

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