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Ask Dr. Gourmet

Coumadin (warfarin)

Foods and Coumadin (warfarin)


Will non-alcoholic beer affect your Coumadin dose?
Does alcohol interact with Coumadin?

Coffee / Tea

Is rooibos tea safe for Coumadin users?
Can I drink coffee while on Coumadin (warfarin), or should I switch to tea?
Should I avoid caffeinated coffee on Coumadin (warfarin)?
Is regular tea, iced or hot, contraindicated while taking Coumadin?


Isn't it true that garlic CAN interact with Coumadin (warfarin)?
Will eating garlic and ginger in a stir-fry affect my Coumadin (warfarin)?
Is it okay to cook with garlic while on Coumadin (warfarin)?
Does eating garlic counteract eating high amounts of Vitamin K?
Is it okay to cook with garlic while on Coumadin (warfarin)?
Will eating garlic affect my Coumadin (warfarin) or make me bleed?


Is it safe for me to take apple cider vinegar to help me lose weight while I am on Coumadin (warfarin)?
Will apple cider vinegar help my acid reflux while I am on Coumadin (warfarin)?
I've heard that apple cider will help you lose weight. Will apple cider interact with the warfarin I'm on?
Will apple cider vinegar help my acid reflux while I am on Coumadin (warfarin)?

Frozen / Convenience Foods

Is Nutrisystem safe for those on Coumadin (warfarin)?
What does avoiding eating frozen foods have to do with being on Coumadin?
How much parsley is in pizza sauce?
Is Lean Cuisine Coumadin safe?

Fruits / Juices

Would drinking hot water with lemon affect my INR?
Are blueberries and blackberries safe for a Coumadin (warfarin) user to eat regularly?
Are cranberries worse than cranberry juice?
Are juicers a good idea for those on Coumadin (warfarin)?
Can you eat green pickled tomatoes if you are on Coumadin (warfarin)?
Does grapefruit really interact with medications? (See also....)
Should you avoid cranberry juice on Coumadin (warfarin)? Updated information!
Is there a Vitamin K difference between hot-house and home-grown tomatoes?
Does papaya have a blood-thinning effect?

Other Food Questions

How much Vitamin K is in radish greens?
How much Vitamin K is in microgreens?
Are flounder and sole safe for Coumadin (warfarin) users?
Can my husband have cilantro if he is on Coumadin?
Is orzo safe for Coumadin (warfarin) users?
How much Vitamin K is in pie crust?
Can I eat salads, now that I am off Coumadin (warfarin)?
Would drinking hot water with lemon affect my INR?
Can Eating Activia Have an Effect on INR and Coumadin (warfarin)?
Is it ok to eat tuna and salmon sashimi when you are on Coumadin (warfarin)?
Where does all the sodium come from in your Hummus recipe for Coumadin patients?
Should Coumadin (warfarin) users avoid MSG?
Does chocolate interact with Coumadin (warfarin)?
Is my husband's Coumadin dosage stable because he eats a big salad every day?
Thanks for your lists of foods containing Vitamin K!
I am on Coumadin. Can I eat these foods from Starbuck's or these vegetarian items?
Are almonds a good snack for those on Coumadin?
I can't have broccoli or cauliflower because of its high Vitamin K levels - why is it in your recipes?
Does salt increase INR levels?
Can those on Coumadin (warfarin) eat eggs or Eggbeaters?
Can I cook with parsley while on Coumadin?
Are peanuts affecting my Coumadin?
Are there foods that interact with Coumadin even though they are low in Vitamin K?
Does freezing "kill" the Vitamin K in foods?
Can a person on Coumadin (warfarin) eat black eyed peas?
Can foods low in Vitamin K still affect my INR levels?
Why should people on Coumadin avoid your Eggs Benedict recipe?
Is there a list of Vitamin K in foods?
Does cooking or pickling reduce the amount of Vitamin K in cabbage?
Should I avoid lettuce while on Coumadin?
Does soy interrupt the effectiveness of Coumadin?
I'm on warfarin and my levels fluctuate heavily. Is it because I eat green apples?
Why do Vitamin K levels vary in the same foods?
Should I peel zucchini? (See also...)