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Note: This is a revised and updated version of Dr. Harlan's The Dr. Gourmet Diet for Coumadin Users. These are the same recipes with updated Nutrition Information, with the addition of information on a Mediterranean-style diet.

How Much Vitamin K is in...?

Find out the exact amount of Vitamin K (in micrograms) of almost a thousand common foods! Listed both alphabetically and then in order of the amount of Vitamin K in the food, this list will help you know exactly how much Vitamin K you're eating. Just $4.95 for the eBook (PDF) or $12.95 for the paperback. Get your copy now!

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Ask Dr. Gourmet

Will Golgi or Noni juice interact with my Coumadin (warfarin)?

Is there any interaction between Golgi or Noni juice and warfarin?

Dr. Gourmet Says...

I have looked and looked and spoken with a few people about this and cannot find any information about the Vitamin K content of this product.

I have encountered Golgi (also known as Noni) juice with a few of my patients. None were on Coumadin so I hadn't really looked into the Vitamin K issue. I did, however, look at the claims made by those marketing this product (which in my opinion appears to me to be a pretty fancy pyramid scheme) and find little to support that it's much better than orange juice. At a price in the $100.00 per gallon range I think that it's a waste of money and have simply taken this posture with my patients.

$100.00 will purchase about 3 months of gym membership, which has been shown to be of tremendous benefit. It will also buy about 75 lbs. of apples or 170 lbs. of bananas. There's clear cut evidence that eating fresh fruit is of more benefit than drinking fruit juice and it's cheaper, more filling and much more satisfying in the long run. Likewise, there's less concentration of calories.

Eating healthy food is the key to being healthy and Noni juice doesn't appear much better than any other fruit juice at an amazingly inflated cost.

Thanks for writing,

Timothy S. Harlan, MD, FACP, CCMS
Dr. Gourmet

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