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Note: This is a revised and updated version of Dr. Harlan's The Dr. Gourmet Diet for Coumadin Users. These are the same recipes with updated Nutrition Information, with the addition of information on a Mediterranean-style diet.

How Much Vitamin K is in...?

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Ask Dr. Gourmet

Questions About Cooking


What kind of knife should I use to butterfly meats?
Is microwaving a good way to cook fish and shellfish?
What kind of blender do you recommend for making smoothies?
What kind of pot should I use to make hard cooked eggs?
What food scale do you recommend?
Can I use aluminum foil instead of parchment in this recipe?
What kind of cookware should I buy?
Does cooking in a cast iron skillet raise the amount of iron in the food?
Between brands, is there much difference in quality of cast iron skillets?
Can your recipes be multiplied to 50-150 servings?
What temperatures should be used with non-stick skillets for cooking eggs?
What do you like or dislike about the following cookware choices?

Food Safety

Is this sausage safe to eat?
Does a Heavier Iron Skillet Contain More Lead?
Do the Benefits of Eating Fish and Shellfish Outweigh the Risks of Mercury and Gulf Oil Contamination?
Should I be Concerned About How Heavily Processed Vegetarian Meat Substitutes Are?
Does washing remove the pesticides from foods?
Does my peach pit jelly contain cyanide?
What's the best way to store fish?
Is canola oil good for you or bad for you?
Do peach pits really contain cyanide?
Is it safe to eat from unopened jars of caviar that are five years old?
How long should I keep chipotles in adobo?
Should I throw this balsamic vinegar away?
Should I throw this chili away?
Should I avoid eating canned tuna every day for lunch?
Is the ethylene gas that is used to ripen tomatoes quickly in supermarkets safe?
How long can I keep baked Mac n Cheese in the refrigerator?
Is it safe to eat the un-moldy part of an opened can of tomato paste?
How can I avoid E-Coli on fruits and vegetables?


How can I make pasta sauce without tomato sauce?
Is peanut oil good for you?
Why do you use so much water in your rice recipes?
Will all the cornsilk come off together if you remove the end of the corn after grilling?
Many foods in your recipes are not available near me. Suggestions?
Does microwaving reduce nutrients in food?
If I saute ground beef and pour off the fat, how much fat am I removing?
Are foods saltier now than they used to be?
Which of your recipes can be pureed?
Can I use aluminum foil instead of parchment in this recipe?
Why did you recommend Uncle Ben's Brown Rice in this recipe?
What is the Alcohol Content of Vinegar? What Should I Use Instead of Vinegar?
Does salting eggplant add sodium to recipes?
Is it safe to use aluminum pans or aluminum foil?
Which are better for you: polyunsaturated or monounsaturated oils?
How accurate is the nutrition information for your recipes?
Shouldn't teaching cooking start in elementary school rather than college?
Where can I find a healthy jam recipe?
Is all the alcohol cooked out of your Chicken Piccata recipe?
Where does all the sodium come from in your Hummus recipe for Coumadin patients?
Can you suggest recipes for tailgating at football games?
Does coconut oil have a high smoke point?
Does cooking vegetables cause them to lose their nutrients?
How can I cook these mushrooms to be safe to eat?
Do you have any recipes that I can cook once a week and eat all week?
Do you have a spaghetti sauce recipe suitable for canning?
Why didn't you include salt content in your evaluation of hot dogs?
Is it safe to eat uncooked oatmeal?
Should I include the water when I calculate calories for soups?
When I cook garlic, I don't seem to get the same aroma that other people do. What am I doing wrong?
Do you have recipes for grilling outdoors?
Why does your Black Bean Soup only last 48 hours?
Do you have any more venison recipes?
What can be used to counteract too much salt used in a recipe?
Should I avoid all corn syrup?
Do you have recipes for single people?
What's the best way to make hard boiled eggs?
Does it matter what kind of pan you use to cook hard boiled eggs in?
Is olive oil appropriate for high-temperature uses?
Why should I soak dried beans and then discard the soaking water?
What does "shiver" mean?
What are the best wines and cheeses of Brittany?


What can I substitute for gorgonzola cheese in a pasta salad?
Can I substitute grapeseed oil for canola oil in baking?
What can I substitute for pork or bacon in my black eyed peas?
What can I substitute for the mayonnaise in your Green Goddess Dressing?
What can I use in recipes in place of coconut milk, which is so high in saturated fat?
Can I use aluminum foil instead of parchment in this recipe?
Are Smart Balance Products Really a Healthy Choice?
What is the Alcohol Content of Vinegar? What Should I Use Instead of Vinegar?
What Can I Substitute for Sesame Oil and Peanuts in Asian Foods?
Can I substitute goat cheese for cream cheese?
Can I substitute sesame oil for sesame seeds?
What can I use to substitute for pine nuts?
Can you substitute soy milk for the milk in your salad dressings?
I am lactose intolerant and pre-diabetic. Is Almond Breeze milk substitute safe for me?
What can I substitute for cilantro?
Is there another way for a vegetarian to get protein other than tofu and beans?
Are meats such as goat, venison or buffalo good substitutes for beef?
Is ground turkey better for you than ground beef?
Can I substitute canned tomatoes for fresh on the Coumadin (warfarin) diet?
If I eat flax seeds will I get the same benefits as flax seed oil?
What can people living in Italy use in place of goat cheese?
Why do you use water and not stock in this recipe?
Can I substitute starch for eggs in baking?
Can I substitute two egg whites for one egg in a cheesecake recipe?