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Wines and Cheeses of Brittany

I am going to France and I am trying to find out what are the best Wines and Cheeses of this area.

We are staying in a little Hamlet called Miniac Morvan which is situated South of St Malo and East of Dinan.

Could you enlighten me?

Dr. Gourmet Says...

There's not a great deal of aged cheese or wine actually produced in this area. It is a marshy area that is well known for excellent shellfish. That said, it is France and the food and wine is usually excellent even at the smallest of roadside cafes.

I think that is a good best overall site on the area. It is from a very good quality video. Holidays in Brittany has a lot of info about the area, as well.

I must admit to being very jealous. Have a good trip.

Thanks for writing.

Dr. Gourmet