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'Resistant starch' does not improve glycemic control

Timothy S. Harlan, M.D.

Earlier this year I wrote a column debunking the pseudoscience around the so-called "magic rice." This "magic rice" has been purported to be "safe for diabetics:" it supposedly doesn't contribute as much to the spikes in blood sugar associated with consuming carbohydrates as does rice cooked in the usual way.

The problem with the original research most often cited to support this assertion is that it's not only not research in humans - it's not even research in animals. Other research has been done in animals, however, with some studies in rats using the type of resistant starch in today's research showing that this starch decreases body fat, improves cholesterol scores, and improves insulin resistance. Small studies in people who do not have diabetes have shown improved glucose scores and insulin sensitivity.

But the critical issue hasn't been addressed: does consuming resistant starch help those with diabetes or pre-diabetes with their insulin sensitivity and glucose scores? In short, is this resistant starch really "safe" for those at metabolic risk? 'Resistant starch' »

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