Cooking Techniques

Portion Size – Egg Yolks

In the case of this recipe the portion size is keyed to the amount of egg. Because egg yolks have all of the fat and cholesterol this is the ingredient that is reduced. This allows for a larger portion size (1/2 cup per serving) while reducing the amount of fat and cholesterol without compromising flavor.

Portion Size - Pasta

Eating healthy is as much about the amount of food you eat as any other issue. Throughout this site this heading appears to highlight the serving sizes of different foods – eggs, meats, fish, rice as well as pasta.

A serving size of pasta is two ounces (the amount in the Nutrition Facts on a box or bag of pasta). Since the standard box of pasta is one pound, there are eight servings in a box with each serving having about 200 calories.

There is usually not much fat in pasta, about a gram or so per serving. Most pasta is simply flour and water.

Portion Size - Scales

Scales are one of the most important pieces of equipment in eating healthy. Portion size is important – it doesn’t work well to guess how much 4 ounces of fresh salmon filet is (at least at first). An inexpensive set of scales will do. You can buy scales that are accurate at the local department store for less than $20.00. Purchase a scale that measures in ounces.