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What is the best diet for both diabetes and gout?

I have a friend who lives with both diabetes and gout. He doesn't handle either of these conditions particularly well. He and his wife recently went to a small seminar and asked the dietitian there for some tips on handling diet when one does have both diabetes and gout. She was really unable to answer him! She didn't even refer him to some literature or advise him where to find good information.

So, I was just wondering if you could offer some advice regarding this. I appreciate any information you can provide.

Dr. Gourmet Says...

The key to treating both conditions can be found in a healthier diet. For diabetics diet is the cornerstone of controlling blood sugar. The information about Mediterranean diet can help you to understand the foundations of the diet recommended by the American Diabetic Association. This is your friend's first step toward feeling better. You can find information on the Mediterranean diet here:

This is a link to the nutrition section on the American Diabetes Association and will help reinforce these principles:

Gout can be well controlled in many folks with change in diet and lifestyle. Excess animal proteins are what leads to issues with gout more than any single food. Here's a link to help explain gout better:

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Timothy S. Harlan, MD, FACP
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